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Centre of Landscape–Territory–Information Systems

Objectives and Activities

The aim of the association is to promote landscape ecology as a basis and a scientific instrument for the analysis, planning and the management of landscape in Romania. Moreover, the activities of the specialists involved in the study of landscape ecology (geographers, mathematicians, architects, biologists, geologists, etc) will lead to academic and educational results. The purpose is to develop, improve and coordinate activities that promote landscape ecology (the science that studies the interactions between structure and functions of biotic, abiotic and cultural components of the landscape) among scientists, political decision makers, and local actors. This undertaking has been necessary, since landscape ecology is at the beginning in Romania (one of the sciences with only a few former published studies).

For this purpose, the association has the following objectives and actions.

1. The objectives of IALE Romania shall be to:

  1. Improve the dialog among researchers that study landscape ecology and practitioners, political and local decision makers.
  2. Link the research and educational activities with labor market among domains that interact with landscape ecology.

2. In order to accomplish these objectives, the activities of the Association shall be to:

  1. Transfer the scientific research results from the academic environment to political decision makers, serving as a basis for the legislation and territorial planning regulations.
  2. Transfer the principles and instruments of landscape ecology and apply them in the academic studies, educational activities, communications and decision making process.
  3. Organize conferences, seminars, workshops and other meetings for effective exchange of knowledge between national and international researchers.
  4. Promote information, instruments and applications in landscape ecology through web pages, brochures, books, journals.
  5. Participates in educational activities. It pays special attention to the contents and teaching of landscape ecology at universities in Romania on all levels (Bachelor-, Master-, and PhD level as well as post-doctoral level).
  6. Initiate and develop projects in landscape ecology with public or private, national or international founding.
  7. Train specialists that will develop activities in landscape ecology domain.


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