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Assessing and identifying landscapes need clear and complex methodologies in order to define their real values. Therefore, the new research directions for landscape analysis aim at enhancing and profoundly changing the geographic orientation and the landscape research. It is important to consider the issue of sustainable landscape management by maintaining its identity and capitalizing the landscape heritage. In Romania there is a need for a better correlation of the legal framework that recognize landscape as a resource (the Law of 2002 that ratifies the European Landscape Convention and the Ordinance from 2011 referring to territorial planning and recognizing the landscape’s value in the territory) with specific directions for implementation and landscape policies. From this perspective, we consider that in Romania the landscape is still not approached as a resource and the environmental and territorial planning studies should integrate landscape evaluation models. Local stakeholders could benefit from the landscape studies by using the researchers’ results in planning, environmental and territorial sustainability practices.

Research fields

CeLTIS was founded in 2011, with these main research topics:

  • landscape ecology, ecological modelling, modeling of landscape dynamics,
  • landscape fragmentation, ecosystem/landscape services,
  • landscape planning, land use/land cover change, cultural landscape,
  • landscape visual assessment and Geographic approaches (nature and society).

Information Systems
  • Mathematical models in landscape ecology
  • Interdisciplinary approaches linking terrain modeling and ecological processes
  • Wavelets - based multi-resolution terrain modeling

Romanian landscapes

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IALE Romania

International Association for Landscape Ecology
International Association for Landscape Ecology


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