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IALE Romania's first educational project – In site learning. Studying biodiversity in the quarry

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IALE Romania team proposed a project which was selected to be implemented for the Quarry Life Award competition. The competition was launched and financed by HeidelbergCement and Carpatcement. The project aimed to involve the pupils from the local community in activities to raise their awareness of the biodiversity importance in the proximity of Iglicioara quarry, in Turcoaia village, Dobrogea Region.

On the 7th of June, three members of the IALE Romania team (Akis, Ana and Simona) went to Turcoaia to meet with the pupils. After a warm greeting from Professor Purice Catalin, the principal of the Turcoaia School, the activities began. During the first two hours, we taught the pupils about biodiversity, such as what types of biodiversity are characteristic for the area and how species are scientifically named and recognized. The next activity consisted of a visit to the Iglicioara quarry, where the pupils learned about the quarrying processes. Here, Mr. Cristian Rotaru, the manager of the quarry, took us on a tour of the area and told us more about the extraction process and the local species found around the quarry. The lessons were also “spiced” with games that helped the pupils to overcome their shyness. At the end of the lessons the pupils received a biodiversity guide which included local species of plants and animals that had to be identified in site. During the field trip along the Danube bank, the pupils used the guide to identify some of the local fauna and flora species. Pupils also received the official project’s T-shirts.

The day ended by offering books about biodiversity to the pupils and the school, playing a football game in the schoolyard, taking lots of pictures, as well as promising to come back!

Project coordinator: Gradinaru Simona

Project's team members: Gavrilidis Athanasios; Hossu Alina; Nita Andreea; Stanescu Ana; Stoicescu Ioana; Tican Ana.

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