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IALE Romania team – one of the five finalists at The Quarry Life Award, Romania 2014

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The Quarry Life Award is a worldwide contest promoted by Heidelberg Cement in order to raise the knowledge of the biological value of mining sites and contribute to further enhancing it. A mining site provides a great variety of landscapes and habitats that present disturbances from human activities. As a leading cement and aggregates producer, Heidelberg Cement has committed to manage biodiversity during and after extraction. In more than 1000 quarries and pits worldwide they strive to promote the local flora and fauna.

The Quarry Life Award 2014 takes place in 20 countries worldwide, from North America, Africa, Australia, Asia and Europe and has come at its Second Edition. All young people, being a graduate, students or scientific researchers were invited to participate in The Quarry Life Award as a single person or as a team. After sending their Project Proposals at the end of March, the five best Project Proposals in each country were selected based on their added value for nature and society, for innovative aspects, feasibility, raising public awareness and involvement of stakeholders.

Starting from April to September, each team has to present their activities and results on The Quarry Life Award web site (http://www.quarrylifeaward.com). In September, after presenting the final report, the national and international juries select the top three best projects. Furthermore, a public vote winner will be designated based on the votes it receives on the website. National awards will range from €1 500, €3 000 and €5 000. International awards of €10 000 will be given in five different categories and one grand prize of €30 000 will be attributed to the overall best project.


IALE Romania team was one of the five Romanian Project Proposals that was selected to go forward and compete for national and international top three. Our project aims to involve the pupils from the local community in activities on the awareness of the biodiversity importance in the proximity of Iglicioara quarry, in Turcoaia village, Dobrogea Region. The project objectives imply both working with pupils in a formal environment during open classes as well as in an informal one through field activities.

IALE Romania members involved in the project: Gavrilidis Athanasios; Gradinaru Simona; Hossu Alina; Nita Andreea; Stanescu Ana; Stoicescu Ioana; Tican Ana.

More information about the ongoing project will be provided soon.

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