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One year of activity

This month IALE Romania celebrated one year of activity. We take this opportunity to highlight IALE Romania's most significant research results:

  • • Writing papers:
    • Patru-Stupariu, I., Stupariu, M. S., Tudor, C. A., Gradinaru, S. R., Gavrilidis, A., Kienast, F., Hersperger, A. M. (2014). Geometric fragmentation: from quantifying spatial patterns to improving local landscape planning in Romania's Southern Carpathians. Submitted to Landscape and Urban Planning Journal - accepted with revisions.
  • • Implementing the educational project – In site learning. Studying biodiversity in the quarry
  • • Participating at IALE-Europe Thematic Workshop 2014, which was held in Lisbon, Portugal.

This anniversary represents the start of the next phase of our research. Among the plans for future, we would like to outline our interests in attending the 9th IALE World Congress which will be held in Portland, Oregon USA. Our research topics for this Congress are ranging from built-up expansion at the urban periphery to landscape conflicts in wind energy and simulation of vegetation dynamics.

During this year, the members of the working group IALE Romania collaborated to better disseminate the scientific results and to develop a common niche, which is landscape ecology.

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