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Inaugural event IALE Romania(updated)

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On 1st and 2nd November 2013 the IALE Romania (International Association for Landscape Ecology – Romanian Chapter) has organized the first official meeting to announce the launch of the association. The event was dedicated to understanding Landscape Ecology as a new research and educational direction in Romania and discussing the topic: Landscape Ecology - linking Nature and Human Dimensions.

This event was supported by the University of Bucharest, the Dean and the Vice Dean of the Faculty of Geography, the Chair of Regional Geography and Environmental Studies Department and the members of IALE Romania Council.

Among the participants, who addressed a wide range of subjects regarding landscape ecology and its meaning for different research issues as well as its applications for specific processes of interest (Postdocs, PhD Students and master Students), the president of IALE International, Felix Kienast, shared his insights of the importance of a Romanian Chapter for IALE International.

The following speakers led the event with interesting scientific contributions:

Felix Kienast, the president of IALE International and Professor at ETH Zürich, expressed his appreciation for IALE Romania as a young chapter for IALE International. He shared with the audience the advancement of landscape ecology research and the example of the Swiss Landscape Monitoring Program and its useful findings for landscape discipline.

The dean of Faculty of Geography, Laura Comănescu and the Chair of Regional Geography and Environmental Studies Department, Cristian Iojă, addressed their perspective over the importance and usefulness of IALE Romania for landscape research.

Andreea Niţă, PhD Student shared her research experience with the Sciex fellowship at EPFL - ECOS laboratory in Lausanne, Switzerland. She explained to the audience the importance of integrating the concept of landscape in environmental impact assessment procedure.

Constantina Alina Tudor, PhD student, explained some key findings from her research during the Sciex fellowship at WSL, in Birmensdorf, Switzerland. She emphasized that linking land-use conflicts, spatial planning and people's perceptions is crucial to strengthen viable solutions to alleviate such conflicts.

Alina Huzui and Robert Stoiculescu, Postdocs involved in the research of urban landscape analysis, historical geography and landscape ecology, focused in their talk on the most appropriate methodologies to monitor the changes in urban landscapes.

Athanasios Gavrilidis, PhD student and treasurer of IALE Romania, shared his contribution on urban sprawl issue in Romania with a focus on Ploiesti city. He drew attention to where quality of life is better regarding urban landscape aesthetics and management.

Simona Raluca Grădinaru, PhD student and secretary of IALE Romania highlighted the role of landscape ecology in urban sprawl analysis, which consequently guide her interests in using new technologies for analysing such phenomena. She emphasized the scale issues and how important is it in understanding correctly the sprawl issue.

Ileana Pătru-Stupariu, the President of IALE Romania, emphasized why the Romanian Chapter of IALE International is needed. She discussed about the role of the IALE Romanian group in creating a framework for collaboration between researchers, practitioners and local actors. She also presented the goals and short-term activities (2013-2015) for IALE Romania.

The event has been successfully and has stimulated fruitful scientific exchange as well as collaboration among all the participants. Sincerely thanks to all participants and to those who provided the financial and logistical support for the 1st IALE Romania meeting.

The first meeting of IALE Romania: 1st and 2nd November 2013 (download schedule)

Address: Blvd. Nicolae Bălcescu 1, First Floor, office Decanat, Bucharest

Will be organized as an event to promote IALE Romania.

Event profile

The aim of the first meeting of IALE Romania (November 2013) is to announce the start of Association IALE Romania and present the decision of the President of International Association of Landscape Ecology. (Felix Kienast)

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